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Bach Flower Remedies

The healing power of flowers

If you’re feeling tired, sad, anxious, stressed, depressed, out of sorts or simply have a sense that you’re swimming against the tide and things aren’t running smoothly in your life – then Dr Bach’s flower remedies could be for you.

Bach flower therapy is a very gentle healing system that comprises 38 essences formulated from flowers and trees native to the British Isles. The essences support our emotional body, helping return us to equilibrium, feel balanced and content, and be the best we can be.

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Dr Bach was an allopathic doctor who was head of the emergency department at University College Hospital and later held a position at the Homeopathic hospital in London. He eventually gave up his medical practice to devote his life to the development of the Bach Flower remedies. He discovered and created 38 remedies between 1930 and 1935 each fitting to a personality type and associated behaviour patterns.

As well as helping us to feel better about ourselves and our life, these remedies are invaluable in that they address imbalances in our emotions or emotional reactions to difficult experiences that have not been processed or integrated. Emotions that aren’t processed (or fully felt) are stored in the body. This causes stress and tension in our bodily systems. Any tensions or restrictions held in the body limits the flow of life force. So, in this way, working on very similar principles to that of craniosacral therapy, Bach flower remedies support the release of blockages, ‘stuck-ness’ or unresolved difficult emotions or trauma. They help to balance our emotions, strengthen our bodily systems, and ultimately contribute to reducing the likelihood that dis-ease can occur.

How we will work together

I ask you to complete an initial questionnaire at home and send this to me for pre-assessment. During your initial consultation, we have a chat (about what you feel is your key challenge and other issues you’d like to address) and work together to establish which of the remedies fit best with you at that time. Taking into consideration Dr Bach’s seven main personality groups: fear; uncertainty; insufficient interest in the present; loneliness; over sensitivity to the ideas and influences of others; despondency and despair; and over care for the welfare of others.

Once selected, I blend up to 7 essences which you take daily over the next three to four weeks. You may find your issue has resolved, and if not fully, we can have a follow up consultation to adjust your remedy. The process is often likened to ‘peeling an onion’ – in that when the surface issues are resolved, other deeper issues may arise for treatment.


I offer flower remedy consultations for adults, children and animals.  Either as a stand-alone treatment or as an adjunct to Craniosacral Therapy.

Bach flower remedies are compatible with each other and with all other treatments, allopathic, homeopathic or other, and work particularly well to complement treatment from a medical practitioner and talking therapies.

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